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Everyone needs some form of transportation. My love for cars come from my beloved departed grandfather. Here are the photos of the cars that have graced my presence (and in one case the endless mods that took place on the TT).

2002 Jeep Liberty Limited
Yeah, kinda odd ball of the group. However, everybody needs a do all, kinda ride. Right?
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My Audi TT (MK1) Pictures & Mods (sold)
My passion for the Audi TT started with my own car. Affectionately known as "Baby Boy."
A Moro Blue 2002 180Q Coupe with Aviator Grey interior.
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My Honda S2000 (sold)
Yup, I owned a Honda S2000 after my life with the TT. Dollar for dollar, the performance of the S2000 is hard to beat.

The Honda S2000 was launched in April 1999 to celebrate the Honda's 50th anniversary and continues in the tradition of the company's previous lightweight roadster "S" cars, the S500, S600 and S800. The Honda S2000 has received praise among the press for it's handling, gearbox, and "fun-to-drive" nature with an engine and chassis that screams "faster!" I must admit that the S2k is one of the most enjoyable vehicles that I have owned.

In the words of Soichiro Honda - "The value of life can be measured by how many times your soul has been deeply stirred."
The Honda S2000 is one of those rare cars that when driven will stir your soul. But alas, I had to move on. So it is with life. It must be said, best car I ever owned for simple driving pleasure.
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My STaSiS Audi A3 (sold)
The infamous Stasis A3. 301hp / 298lbs tq. Fortunate to have been able to own one of the first A3s produced by Stasis Engineering. This car was awesome. Power of the S3 that was never allowed to come to the states, with the same Audi reliability.

But alas, with all seasons this one too came to an end.
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In rememberance of Da2 (long gone - sold 1996)

My beloved 1987 Toyota MR2. Described in the 1984 Car&Driver as a "pocket rocket!" A great ride. I had plates once that read MADE4 2 (current plates read TTAKES2 in honor of Da2). I hated to let this car go. RIP my friend.

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